The Many Benefits of Using Non-Destructive Digging in Melbourne

Non-destructive digging and excavations or NDD for short, sound too good to be true but also, isn’t that impossible? How can you dig without destroying things?

With the wonders of new technology comes the modern process of hydro evacuations. It is where high-pressure water is blasted towards the ground, loosening up the soil and turning it into a slurry. The slurry is simultaneously vacuumed up through huge pipes that pull it up into the truck.

It is gentle enough to leave infrastructure like pipes and cables in place and unharmed, but strong enough to move up to 12,000 litres of soil for each truck. It’s an incredibly efficient way to excavate and leave underground infrastructure in place.

If you are considering NDD excavations but aren’t sure, let’s look at some of the benefits of using this new technology over more traditional methods.

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Precision & Accuracy

The number one benefit is the precision and accuracy of the water blasting. The nozzle can be made as large or as small as you need it to be to give you the exact size of the hole you need.

For things like piles, poles and signs holes can be dug vertically, quickly and accurately with the advantage of there being no soil waste to deal with as it’s all sucked back up into the truck!

Ability To Work In All Conditions

Have you considered the all-weather efficiency of the hydro excavation process? Our truck can stay on the firm areas and the pipes dragged to your site to work on it. Rain and water-filled holes make no difference to our system and we can (and do) work in the rain and snow.

This system was developed in Canada to help work continue in their long cold wet winters and is now available in countries like Australia where it is less frozen ground we have to contend with but the endless summer rains.

Reduced Costs

The costs are much lower. Because we can work in the rain and require fewer people, you’ll find very quickly that using a Hydro Excavation truck may just get your job done quicker AND cheaper. Wet weather isn’t a hold-up for us and with fewer people needed to run the hydro excavator, the costs are lower there too.

Help To Reduce Damage

Damage Prevention is a big thing in the excavation industry! Finding four-inch piles with a 50-inch blade isn’t easy and accidents happen, sometimes with very expensive results.

The hydro evacuation system is almost tailor-made for situations where pipes are not where you think or know one has a clue what is actually under the surface. If you think you’ve got a pipe where you want to dig, this NDD excavation system will not damage most pipes’ cables and lines saving you a fortune and the paperwork and headaches.


Safety is a number one concern on most worksites, and using the hydro excavation system will lessen the chances of injuries due to the way it all works.

There’s no need for hand trenching or heavy equipment, and the chances of an accident are automatically lower. There is usually less personnel too so fewer people are less people who can get hurt!

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Quick and Efficient

Hydro evacuations are also efficient, often quicker and easier to get trenches, pole holes and plumbing. Not only can we do a precision trench with little damage to the surrounding area, but we also take the soil away, so there’s no waste to deal with either.

Hydro excavation works well for projects where there is a lot of infrastructure in place. It’s far quicker to blast the dirt around the pipes than to dig it out by hand or with a small digger.  Because the pressure is focused on the target area there is less chance of

Reduced Noise Pollution

Other benefits to NDD are the reduced noise both from the point of view that hydro excavators are quieter, but also that they are more efficient and the job is done faster. This means less time the neighbours have to listen to work on your project site.

In residential and metropolitan areas, this could reduce the impact that your project has on the surrounding area. The only real noise is the pumps blasting the water and sucking it in the slurry.

Hydro Excavations Across Melbourne

If you have been wondering if the benefits of hydro excavations are worth it on the job you have in mind, feel free to give our friendly staff a call and talk through what you have in mind.

These trucks aren’t suitable for every situation, but when they are, they will blow your mind with the precision, efficiency, reduced noise and speed at which the job gets done!

We can help where ever you need an NDD job done. We cover the whole Melbourne area and have years of experience in the excavation industry. We keep up to date with all the modern advances in technology in our industry and are happy to share our knowledge with you to get your job done safely, quickly and efficiently. 

Hydro evacuation is being recognised as a viable and accurate method for getting great NDD results. Many industries are embracing this newer technology with great outcomes. NDD is being used in a range of areas like Councils, Utility companies, civil construction, commercial, residential and mining construction, and it’s only becoming more popular due to its benefits. 

We have a fleet of Hydro Evacuation trucks ready to help you with your next job. If you want to try one of our trucks but don’t quite know what will work best for you, give our office, and we can come and give you a free quote and give you all the details and specs that you’ll need to make a decision. You will be amazed at what these trucks can do on your site! Call us today!

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