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Think vacuum excavation for non-destructive digging like butter to your bread: our proven, most effective and reliable method to dig around critical infrastructure in Melbourne.

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What is Vacuum Excavation?

By using high-pressure water to break down the ground surface into smaller pieces and vacuum it away quickly with our suction system, Vacuum Excavation gets the job done fast with minimal impact to its surroundings.

The aggressive nature of highly pressurised water allows its water lance to cut through almost any type of soil such as dirt, sand or clay. When the ground surface is loose enough, our high-flow vacuum system will then be utilised to extract these dislodged materials efficiently.

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Why use Vacuum Excavation?

It’s Safe

Vacuum Excavation is part of the Non-Destructive Digging method and is far less riskier than mechanical digging due to it being able to navigate through underground utilities without damaging them.

Lesser environmental impact

Due to it being non-destructive and with the excavated materials removed immediately, excavation causes little to no damage to its surroundings. Besides that, our methods only uses high pressure water and not chemicals which is environmentally friendly.


High Precision and Accuracy

If compared to traditional excavation methods, the high powered stream of water when operated by professionals can be precise and accurate in unearthing underground utilities that require servicing or repair.


Highly Efficient

Due to how vacuum excavation works, where excavated material is removed as it is being dug out, this method is highly efficient has huge savings potential with lesser manual labour involved for both digging and removal of debris.


How do you apply vacuum excavation?

Vacuum Excavation can be applied across a wide range of job scopes that require precision, preservation of surroundings and also sensitive underground utilities. Contact our team and find out more about the things we can do! Below are some of the work that we do:

Slot Trenches

Slot trenching involves cutting a narrow trench to install pipes, cables, or underground utilities. WIth Vacuum Excavation, slot trenches are safer, easier and can be done with higher accuracy when compared to digging mechanically. 

Pilot Hole Excavation

Pilot hole is a small bore into the ground to assist with laying pipes more accurately. Vacuum Excavation is perfect for pilot hole excavation around sensitive infrastructures. We can help reduce the risks of pilot hole excavation greatly due to the non destructive nature of our methods.


Potholing works are much safer when done with Vacuum Excavation, as it can safely get to the underground utilities and expose them from the earth covering them. The excavated areas will also be much cleaner as the excavated debris will be vacuumed out as soon as they are dug out leaving leaving the underground utilities that you are locating much easier to spot.

Installation of Poles and Signs

Vacuum excavation can also be utilised for pole and sign installation. It will be an easy choice for you to choose our ONE Vacuum Truck compared with an excavator, a tipper truck and a few manual labourers.

Pipe and Tank Cleaning

Though Vacuum Excavation contains “Excavation” within its name, it can also be used for cleaning of your pipes and tanks. WIth the strength of pressurised water, it will be the best method to be used for cleaning and also clearing out the debris clogging your pipes and tanks. With the added benefit of hot water availability, vacuum excavation can also be used during cold weather.

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