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We are the best team when it comes to Non-Destructive Digging Melbourne has! NDD has been widely accepted as a safer way to dig in Australia and what sets us apart from others is our expertise and experience with our methods.

There are no obstacles that we cannot dig through whilst maintaining minimal to no damage on the dig site

What is Non-Destructive Digging?

It is a process that involves excavating the ground service without the risk of damaging what’s lying within or beneath the ground. Typical underground infrastructure that needs their integrity maintained while excavating are pipelines, services infrastructure or sensitive industry-related installations.

NDD employs high-pressure water or air onto the ground service to break up organic or inorganic material, with the debris generated vacuumed into a tank. This allows the job to be debris free and relatively tidy.

Hydrovac Hole

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How does NDD Work?

Non-Destructive Digging can be simplified into a 4-step process:

Identification of vital underground infrastructure

Before excavation is performed, it is very important to identify and map out underground utilities in the area of the dig.

Loosening of soil using high-pressure water or air

High-pressure water or air is then introduced to the ground surface to loosen the soil and to dig below its surface.

Debris or material extraction with a high-powered vacuum

Soil, debris or loose materials are then removed from the dig site via a high-powered vacuum

Transporting and disposing of excavated materials

All materials vacuumed will then be transported away and disposed of responsibly at their respective disposal sites

Applications best suited for Non-Destructive Digging

When the word “digging” is used, people usually form a mental picture of an excavator or a bulldozer and all the heavy machinery that comes associated with them. But NDD methods typically can be employed with just an NDD truck and they are perfect for a wide array of jobs such as:

Sewer Line Rehabilitation

Our NDD trucks can loosen up clogged lines with high-pressure water, and with our vacuum, clear and remove the stuff that’s clogging up the lines.

Water Line Maintenance

Leaky pipes or damaged pipelines can be exposed safely with our Non-Destructive Digging Melbourne methods without causing further harm, allowing contractors to get to the problem effectively and efficiently.

Cable Installation or Repair

We can expose faulty underground cable installations for repair with our Air Vacuum Excavation method and get to the culprit much faster than traditional excavation with our high degree of accuracy and precision.

Gas Line Location

Non-Destructive Digging can quickly and accurately get to buried underground gas line locations to enable further extensions or maintenance work.

Landscaping Projects

Use our NDD trucks for tree preservation and relocations as we can excavate safely without damaging its roots! 

Cold-Weather Digging

With hot water usage, digging during the cold is no problem for us.

Debris Removal

We can use our trucks to loosen or break chunks of debris and vacuum them up for a fast and reliable way of removing soil or debris.

Other Available Services

Talk to us to find out what we can do for you with our methods! Among other services that we provide through Non-Destructive Digging ways are:

Advantages of Non-Destructive Digging

Safety and Reliability

NDD is safe and reliable when compared with mechanical digging as no sharp tools or heavy machinery is used. Debris is vacuumed out as soon as they are loosened, which negates the need for tipper trucks which in turn lessens the chances of damaging fragile underground services.


NDD trucks have no problems accessing tight spots and hard-to-reach areas as we are essentially just using a hose and a vacuum to do your work! As long as our trucks are within their range of extendable distance, we are sure to be able to reach the dig site. Call us to find out more about our range!

Efficient and Accurate

Our methods are proven to be efficient and highly accurate due to the pinpoint accuracy of our Air Excavation or Hydro Excavation methods. We utilize jets of water or air directed onto the ground surface to excavate and/or expose the utilities buried underneath the ground. All debris is then vacuumed back into the truck to be disposed of, leaving the excavated area dirt and debris free.

Environmental Friendly

With the absence of tipper trucks or heavy machinery, going the NDD route is much more environmentally friendly and by using our NDD methods, we can assure you that there is minimal ground disturbance and footprint on the area.


With our vacuum and disposal methods, the excavation site will be mess-free as we do both the digging and debris removal at essentially the same time!


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